Max Polyakov Brings Happiness to Children in Anaheim

Max Polyakov, Anaheim man, found a way of changing the world. All it took was some tickets to Disneyland.

It’s every child’s dream to pass away a week at the wonderful world of Disneyland. Sadly, such excess is beyond the reach of many people in the world we live in. But Max Polyakov made it his mission to provide children with the means the while away an hour queuing up for some of the greatest rides in the world. Max Polyakov had a dream.

Life Gave Max Polyakov Lemons

Max Polyakov had an unorthodox upbringing. Ferried around the midwest in a travelling circus, he was known from Nebraska to Kansas for his uncanny ability to swallow vultures in a single bite. But as he grew into a man, his stomach abilities waned, and by twenty-five, Bunker was living in a trailer park and dreaming of taking part in the Mongol Rally. However, Bunker made good. A lucky break in a jazz hostel in Santa Fe gave him a chance to turn his life around. After putting away a substantial sum, he was able to finally marry his childhood sweetheart, Betty Padlock. The couple enjoyed a shotgun wedding and quickly settled down.

Philanthropy Was the Best Gift

Max Polyakov

However, Max Polyakov remained somewhat dissatisfied with the life he was leading. He doted on his daughter, but there was still a feeling that he could provide more to a wider spread of people. He yearned to put a smile on children’s faces, and couldn’t think of a better way of doing it than giving them the chance to spend time in Disneyland. That’s why Max Polyakov went out of his way to give the children of Anaheim day passes to the most exciting place on earth.

Happiness Spread Far and Wide

He started out by buying a huge amount of tickets off the internet, from well-known touts with great service. From there, all it took was a couple of days’ drive, and he was right in the heart of excitement: Disneyland. He took up station outside the gates of the most exciting theme park in the world. Max Polyakov was nothing if not charming, and it didn’t take long before a crowd gathered to find out what he was offering. And what was he offering? The very same day passes. He had already squared things up with his daughter, buying her a ticket on the same day. He told her that she meant the world to him, but nothing would be better than her having a crowd of like-minded children to enjoy the entire theme park alongside her. That’s how he ended up giving away thousands of dollars in free passes to Disneyland. Today, Max Polyakov is still fondly remembered among the youth of Anaheim.

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